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What does the science for these people living on the threshold of a new time? For artists, experimenters such as Leonardo da Vinci and innovators in the field of music, it meant the path to true art, that is, first of all, the path to true nature. Art thus elevated to the rank of a special science, and the artist in the social relations and the meaning of his life - the doctor's rank. It is this kind of ambition is the basis of, for example, "Books on Painting" of Leonardo da Vinci. Today? "Science as a way to nature" - for young people it sounds sacrilegious. On the contrary, it is necessary release from the scientific intellectualism, to return to his own nature, and thus to nature at all! Perhaps as a way to art? This assumption is beneath criticism. But in the era of the emergence of exact science of science expected even more. If you recall saying Svammerdama: "I will prove to you the existence of divine providence, anatomiruya louse", you will see that its own task of scientific activity, which was under the indirect influence of Protestantism and Puritanism, considered opening the way to God. While it is no longer found among the philosophers with their concepts and deduction; that God can not be found on the way in which it sought the Middle Ages - this was convinced all pietistic theology of the time, and above all Spener. God is hidden, his way - not our ways, his thoughts - not our thoughts. But in the exact natural sciences, where God's creation is physically tangible, there were hopes to trace his intentions regarding mira.I today? Who today, except for some "adult" children, which can be found just among scientists, still believes that the knowledge of astronomy, biology, physics or chemistry can - at least in the least - explain to us the meaning of the world, or at least indicate what the way you can find a trace of this "sense" if it exists? If science that can do so is likely to kill the belief that if at all there is something like a "sense" of the world! And even more absurd to treat it, this effect is particularly alien to God, as a way "to God." And what exactly is it - the now nobody doubts in his heart, he admits it to himself or not. Getting rid of rationalism and intellectualism of science is the basic premise of life in union with the divine - or so his identity within the meaning of the thesis was the main slogan of our religious-minded or seeking to gain experience of religious youth. And not only religious, but even the experience at all. However, there is a strange way to be elected: the only thing that has not yet touched the intellectualism that is irrational, trying to bring to mind and consider a magnifying glass. After all, this comes almost modern romance intellectualistic irrational. Such a path of liberation from intellectualism gives just the opposite of what it hoped to find those who came to him. Finally, the fact that the science that is based on her life mastering the technique with naive optimism hailed as a path to happiness, I leave to the side after a scathing critique of Nietzsche at the "last people who have invented happiness". Who believes in it, except for some "adult" children on chairs or editorial offices? [191] What is the meaning of science as a profession, now that scattered all the old illusions that make science acted as "the path to true being," " way to true art, "" the path to true nature, "" the path to the true God, "" the path to true happiness? " The simplest answer to this question was given by Tolstoy: it is meaningless, because it does not give any answer to the only question important to us: "What do we do?", "How should we live?". And the fact that it does not respond to these questions, it is undeniable. The only problem is the sense in which it prevents the "no" answer. Perhaps, instead, it is able to give something to the person who puts the question correctly?

Carol Doak's Keepsake Frame Cards: Earth & Sky Colors by Carol Doak

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Carol Doak
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Carol Doak's Keepsake Frame Cards: Earth & Sky Colors

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